• Applicable Material: PLA (1.75mm +-0.02mm) Use Only PLA Filament
  • Power input : DC5V 2A 10W
  • Adapter input: 100-240 50/60HZ 0.35A
  • Accessories: 1. 3D Pen* 1, 2. Power Adapter= 1 ,Data cable= 1, 4. Filament*2, 5. Manual*1
  • 3 Months Warranty of Any Manufacturing Defect

Operation Rules: 1. Operating Instructions: Connect the Power Supply: A. Connect the Power Adapter Through the "Power Source hole" of the Facility and then, turn the power Switch on. B. Connect the 5V/2V power bank through the "Power Source Hole" of the facility. While the red Light is on, then the Facility is in standby. 2. Preheating: Click the button, then the red light is flashing. Wait for 60 seconds... When the red light turns green, then the Preheating is finished. You can start the next step. 3. Feeding the Filaments: Suggest to choose TECHIE PLA 1.75mm filaments. Insert into "Wire feeding hole" Click the button, then the motor start working. The filament will be loading automatically. Just waiting for the melted materials is extruding, You can start drawing. (Warning: Please be mentioned that the terminal of filament should be flat but not irregularly.) 4. Extruding Function: A. One click continuously extruding: Click button once, the facility is extruding automatically; Click again, the facility is Paused. The Facility will stop every 8Minutes when continuously extruding. B. Long Press Extruding: Click the button twice swiftly, and press the button all along, then the facility is Extruding: when loose the button, the facility is paused. 5. Replace/Retreat the filaments: When the light is green, press the button for 3 seconds, the filament will retreat automatically. When the filament stop to retreat, take it out from the "Wire Feeding Hole". Mildly click the button, the motor stop working. If you want to change another colour of filament, just click the button again, feeding into your selected filament, and repeat from the step3. 6. Finish Drawing. When you Finished drawing, please retreat the filament. It will affect the using of next time if the filament remained in the facility.

Brand Techie
Colour Pink
Item model number eco-3d-p
Operating System None
Date First Available 21 December 2016

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Techie Eco-Friendly 3D Pen IV generation with Free One 5 Mtr Filament

  • Brand: Techie
  • Product Code: eco-3d-p
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